Alvenus Oil Spill Photographs

August 1984. Photographs by E.R. Gundlach unless noted. Contact Info:

Spill conditions: Approximately 5000 tons heavy Venezuelan crude along Galveston Island, Texas.

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Alvenus photo

Alvenus shoreline impact, August 1984. Download.


Alvenus grader - close up, August 1984. Download.
Alvenus photo
Arm grader removing oil, August 1984. Download.
Alvenus photo

Alvenus grounded offshore Mississippi River Delta, Louisiana (from EPA aerial photograph). Download.


Alvenus photo
Tilling of foreshore after removal of heavy oiling. Download.
Alvenus photo
Placement and tilling of lightly oiled sand along the backshore to keep sand on the beach in a highly erosional / recessional area. Download.


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